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y es, I am a teacher and I'm expected to mold young minds into honest and respectable adults. For those of you who know me, yes, it is a scary thought, but someone actually believed I would be good for the job. Go figure...
Teaching takes a lot of courage and effort. It's not easy to walk into a classroom day after day and feel like you're getting nowhere somedays, but I wouldn't change my career for anything. I love teaching and cannot imagine myself doing anything else. Everyday, I drive to work with a smile because I have the luxury of going to a job that I love.
Currently, I am employed at New Start Center for Learning as a Social Studies Teacher. New Start is part of the Worcester (Massachusetts) Public Schools and is an alternative high school for at-risk adolescents who have a history of attendance problems and are working towards their high school diploma. The kids are tough, but most of them are on their last chance with school and the opportunity to help them is truly rewarding.
Teaching history and other social sciences can, at times, be difficult. Kids want to know instantly what one thing has to do with another. It is important to help them understand the connections between past and present events. Only then, can they understand the value of history and see the need to learn about it. It's also important to stress the reasons behind history, the "why" of history, rather than the "who" and "when" of history. Names and dates do not truly help you to understand history.
Below, I have included some links to sites about teaching and social studies, including many sites with some excellent lesson plans. (See my "Links, Links, & More Links" page for links to general government and history sites -- there will be a menu at the top for you to choose from.)

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