Slater's Mark: Samuel Slater and the Founding of Webster  


The Clock Tower

Below are several pictures of the clock tower, which still stands at the original Green Mill site today. In September 1977, Cranston Print Works restored and dedicated the clock tower in Slater's memory. To the right of the tower is a work bell, which was recovered from one of the old Slater mill buildings at the site when the building was torn down in the 1960s.

Green Mill Clock Tower, c. 1930
This picture is probably from the 1930s, given the type of automobile that is seen on the right as well as the shadow of the power lines in the foreground. When compared to the photo of the 1812 mill, you can see the door has moved to the side of the clock tower facing the camera instead of towards the road. There is now a window where the door used to be. However, it is the same tower. By examining the brick work just below the clock, you can see that it is identical. I have included a separate page of the two photographs for your own comparison.

Courtesy of the Webster-Dudley Historical Society.

Green Mill Clock Tower, c. 1930

Green Mill Clock Tower, Side View

Green Mill Clock Tower, as it is today.
Today, the clock tower is all that remains of the original Green Mill built in 1812. The two pictures to the left are different views of the Clock Tower today. The one at the top is a front view of the clock tower from the opposite side of Gore Road, near the Slater Monument. The bottom picture shows a side view of the tower showing the door and the clock, which still functions.

Green Mill Clocker Tower, Front View
The plaque pictured at the right commemorates Slater's contribution to the American textile industry. It reads:

“Site of the original Slater cotton mill established circa 1812 by Samuel S. Slater. Dedicated to the memory of Samuel S. Slater by Cranston Print Works Company September 1977.”

Tower Dedication Plaque

Work Bell

Work Bell from Green Mill Factory Complex
The bell pictured to the left can be seen in the picture above showing the clock tower from the front view. The bell was recovered from one of the Slater factories at the Green Mill site when the building was torn down by the Cranston Print Works Company sometime during the 1960s. Today, the bell rests to the right of the Green Mill Clock Tower.

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