Slater's Mark: Samuel Slater and the Founding of Webster  


Mt. Zion Cemetery

Our last stop on this tour is Slater's final resting place—Mt. Zion Cemetery. Mt. Zion is just a short way up Worcester Road (Route 12), where Old Worcester Road splits off to the left. Slater donated the land to the town to be used as a cemetery. He is buried near the southern end of the cemetery, as are many of his descendants.

Mt. Zion Cemetery
The entrance to Mt. Zion Cemetery shown on the left is at the corner of Worcester Road (Route 12) and Old Worcester Road. The way to find the Slater family plot is to use the entrance show below on the right, then take your second right after going through the gate. The plot will be on your right.

Entrance to Mt. Zion Cemetery Entrance to Mt. Zion Cemetery Closest to Slater Family Plot

Slater Family Plot
Around the large granite obelisk which marks Samuel Slater's grave are the graves of several other Slater descendants, including several who died in the first part of the 20th century. The first picture at the top left shows the family plot as it looks from the road way. The other three pictures show the base of the obelisk and its markings.

Front View of the Slater Family Plot Samuel Slater Obelisk
Samuel Slater Obelisk Samuel Slater Obelisk

Horatio Nelson Slater, Jr.
Also buried here is Horatio Nelson Slater, Jr. Horation, Jr. was the last Slater to control Samuel Slater & Sons. He died in 1899, leaving the company in the care of three non-Slater trustees.

Grave Stone of Horatio Nelson Slater, Jr.

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