Slater's Mark: Samuel Slater and the Founding of Webster  


The Slater Monument

Across from the Clock Tower and Cranston Print Works on Gore Road (Route 16), is a monument erected to the memory of Samuel Slater. This is also the site of the first Sunday school in Webster, erected in 1813.

Slater Monument, Viewed from Opposite Side of Gore Road

Slater Monument
The monument was erected in 1967 by his great grandchildren, Ray and H. Nelson Slater. At the left is a view from across Gore Road. In the foreground is a plaque marking the site of the first Sunday school in Webster, which is shown below. On the bottom left is a closer view of the monument, with a closeup of the plaque on the right.

Slater Monument Closeup of Slater Monument

Webster's First Sunday School, c. 1813
Slater was instrumental in establishing Webster's first Sunday School. Even though Slater believed that children should receive a basic education, he did not want that education to interfere with the smooth functioning of his factories. The answer—as he had learned during his apprenticeship under Jedidiah Strutt back in England—was to build a Sunday school. A Sunday school would allow children to receive an education without obstructing the productivity of the factory since factories were closed on Sundays.

Plaque Marking Site of Webster's First Sunday School Drawing of Webster's first Sunday School, c. 1813

Courtesy of the Webster-Dudley Historical Society.

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