Slater's Mark: Samuel Slater and the Founding of Webster  


The Old Green Mill

The Green Mill was the first mill built by the partnership Slater & Tiffany. It stood until 1878, when it burned down. However, it was rebuilt immediately and eventually sold to Cranston Print Works in 1936. Parts of that building are still in use today.

The image to the left shows the Old Green Mill built by Slater & Tiffany in 1812. In the front is Gore Road, which today is also Route 16. To the right of the picture, you can see the power trench leading into the mill from Webster Lake.

Macek and Morrison, p. 217.

This is possibly the earliest photograph of the Green Mill looking down Gore Road towards Douglas. The picture shows the mill as it was originially built in 1812. As you can see, the clock tower sits at the edge of the road. The tower has been altered slightly since this time, as the door now opens to the side instead of directly onto Gore Road. We will see some close up pictures of the clock tower on the next page.

Courtesy of the Webster-Dudley Historical Society.

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