Slater's Mark: Samuel Slater and the Founding of Webster  


Cranston Print Works Company

Today, the Old Green Mill complex is owned and operated by the Cranston Print Works Company, which purchased the site from the Slater family in 1936 as well as the accompanying water rights to Webster Lake. Cranston Print Works is an employee-owned company, which prints and finishes cloth both for private industry and the home market.

Cranston Print Works Facility
To the right is an aerial view of the Cranston Print Works Facility, Webster Division provided by the company. The oldest part of the plant, to the right of the large smoke stack near the center of the picture, may date back to the 1878 Green Mill. To the far right in this picture is the Clock Tower. Water is let into the facility at the eastern end of the complex, just beyond the Clock Tower, through a control gate, and flows through what is believed to be the original power trench. After flowing underground through the factory itself, water is let into the outlet trench at the top of the picture. Used water is processed and neutralized at the plant before being further processed by the town.

Cranston Print Works, Aerial View

Original photo courtesy of Cranston Print Works Company.

Oldest Part of CPW Facility

The building in the center of the picture is believed to be the oldest existing part of the CPW facility. This picture was taken just to the left of the Clock Tower.

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