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Family & Background:
Born: January 21, 1977
Marital Status: Single
Hometown: Georgetown Massachusetts
Current Residence: Webster Massachusetts
Senior Picture from High School
Yes, that's really me, but the picture is from five years ago. Today, I wear glasses and my hair is shorter.
Current: Social Studies Teacher
New Start Center for Learning, Worcester Mass.
(August 1999 to present)
Past Experience: Student Teacher
South High School, Worcester Mass.
(Spring 1999)
College: Clark University, Worcester Mass.
Class of 1999
(My Thoughts on Clark.)
Major: History (American)
Minor: Education
High School: Georgetown Middle/High School
Georgetown Mass.
Class of 1995

Hobbies & Activities:
Grange: I am an active member of the Order of Patrons of Husbandry, commonly known as the Grange.
Reading: I really enjoy reading -- mostly about spirituality, but a good conspiracy theory or other fiction will keep my attention too.
Computers: Games, chatting, surfing, and designing web pages.

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February 05, 2000.
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