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A web ring allows member sites to connect to other sites with having to include all the links on each site. By including a special set of HTML code in your web site, you can connect your web site to other Grange members' sites from around the country.
If you are a Grange member and have a web site that you would like included in the GrangeNet Web Ring, then please fill out the form below. To qualify, you must be a current member and mention your Grange membership on your site. (Your browser must support forms for this to work. If it does not, email GrangeNet.)
To add the GrangeNet logo to your homepage, follow these directions:
  1. Click here for the logo.
  2. Select "File" then "Save As..." to save the graphics to your hard drive.
  3. Upload the file to your web site account and insert the proper code into your homepage.
If you are a GrangeNet member site and you need to edit your site information, do so here:
Site ID No:
If you have forgotten your password, email the ringmaster. Passwords will only be sent to the email address currently listed in the site profile.
The GrangeNet Web Ring is made possible by Web Ring.

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