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The Order of the Patrons of Husbandry, commonly known as the Grange, is a fraternal order founded in 1867 as a way to unite the farmer as the United States recovered from four years of civil war. Originally conceived by Oliver Hudson Kelley, a freemason, as he traveled through the war-torn South, it quickly caught on among a group of friends and associates when he returned to Washington. As word of the Grange spread, it quickly came to be seen as an advocacy group for the farmer and all of rural America. The Grange still exists today as a recognized leader in rural and farm policy.

Today, the Grange isn't just for farmers anymore. Today, the Grange is a family organization with something for everyone, young or old, man or woman. My family is deeply involved in the Grange and I am a third generation Granger myself. The Grange allows young people to develop self-confidence and to have an equal footing with older members. All members benefit from brother and sisterhood of the Order.

The Grange is concerned with Family and Rural America. But the Grange is also a community service organization. Many Granges donate time and/or money to their communities. The Grange is also involved in a wide variety of legislative activity from sponsoring local debates and candidates' nights to testifying before state legisatures and Congress on areas of concern.

One site about the Grange is . The recently opened its own site. Unfortunately though, neither site contains a lot of useful information.

Through the work of myself and several of my Grange friends, the Massachusetts State Grange opened its very own web site. In my admittedly biased opinion, it is the best Grange site out there. You can also try The Grange Connection (the West Coast Granges) and the National Grange for more information. Several state granges throughout New England also have their own web sites and are listed on my links page.

Ted Miles of California has opened "Grange Central," a listing of all the Grange sites he has found so far.

Ted is also a member of "GrangeNet: Patrons on the Web," a webring of Grange members' homepages. I founded GrangeNet as a way to foster more communication among Grangers across the country. Any Grange member is welcome to join so just go to the site and find out more about it.

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