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Free Speech and the Internet

I Took the Pledge -- www.firstamendment.org

In my opinion, no government has the right, privilege, responsibility, or whatever you want to call it, to regulate the Internet. It is up to the people using the Internet to police themselves and to show responsibility in their uses of the Web and the Internet. (This is also true for Society at large.) If you have children, it is your responsibility to make sure that what they see is okay for them. There are plenty of programs out there that can help you to "babysit" your own children without everyone else being told what they can and cannot see. However, it is also the responsibility of the providers of such content to do everything that they can to ensure that children do not access inappropriate material.

Please, don't let the government tell you what you can and cannot say; tell yourself! It is up to each and everyone of us to make sure that the Internet stays open to everyone, not just those that fit the "moral standard." If you don't like what you see on the 'Net, then go some place else, don't deprive everyone else of the right to view or read what they wish. Yes, I find certain people's thoughts and ideas offensive, but they have a right to say it, show it, or distribute it.

Listed below are more web sites on what you can do to keep the Internet open for everyone's thoughts and ideas.

The Blue Ribbon Campaign in support of Free Speech Online, is sponsored by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF). The Campaign's goal is to keep the United States Congress and other governmental bodies from censoring what you and I say and do on the Internet. The EFF site is a good place to keep abreast of the current legislative situation in the United States and elsewhere in the world.
Green Ribbon The Green Ribbon Campaign is sponsored by Zondervan Publishing House in order to promote Responsibility in Free Speech -- the idea that people themselves should be responsible for what they say, not the government. The right to free speech also means knowing when enough is enough. With Free Speech comes the responsibility of discretion.
I took the Pledge - www.firstamendment.org "Take the Pledge" to support Freespeech and to do what you can to keep Congress from restricting it. This site is fairly new so visit it often for the latest information.

The Censorship Pages -- Information on Censorship of the Written Word.

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February 22, 2000.
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