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Conversations with God

In the spring of 1997, I read Conversations with God: an uncommon dialogue by Neale Donald Walsch. Later on, I read Book 2 of what is a series of three. (I started the third book, but became distracted and never finished it. I have not read, or even seen, his lastest work, Friendship with God.)

Have you ever wanted God to answer your questions? Well, He has been all along; we just haven't been listening. This book is about as obvious as His answers get.

Like The Celestine Prophecy (TCP), CWG is a series of books meant to answer those nagging questions of spirituality that many of us have. They ask God our questions and He answers them in His words. It is truly a wonderful book.

There is so much to say about these books. Like TCP, this book opens the reader's eyes to a different spiritual outlook on life. The books talk about being here to help God experience life and all that goes with it. Moreover, it talks about Love. In CWG, we are reminded that God will always Love us and that we must Remember to Love each other and therefore Remember God.

While TCP opened my eyes to my previously dormant spiritual self and allowed me to actually consider reading a book like CWG, it was CWG that really allowed me to consider who God really is.

More information about Walsch and the books is available at the ReCreation web site, the organization that he founded to help others in their spiritual development.

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