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A Clarkie's View of Clark...

I've gotten a few requests to tell people about Clark from a student's perspective. This is usually what I have to say. I'll ramble on for a while and if I answer your questions, great. If not, email me.

Anyway, Clark is not a party school. In fact, there's not always a lot to do here as far as parties or other things go. However, most people here are really friendly. The number of "snobs" or "elitists" here is low, in my opinion.

Academically, Clark is very challenging. The work is tough and the hours are long. However, most if not all of the professors I've had here are wonderful. They genuinely care about the students. Although they will not track you down, they are always very willing to talk to you; all you have to do is ask. My only complaint is that it sometimes seems as if the professors forget that we're taking three other classes besides theirs.

The history department is great. The professors are wonderful and will work with you instead of against you. The department is not that big so you get a chance to know the professors. To complete a history major, you must take 10 history courses. At least five must be in an area of specialization (geographical, political, chronological) and of those five, three must be at the 200 level (highest UG level of work). At least two more must be outside your specialization and preferably at the 200 level. Another must be devoted to a period prior to the 19th Century and another must a capstone. (It's a little more detailed than that, but you get the picture, right?) Beyond the ten, you must take 4 non-history courses related to your area of specialization. The department is usually very flexible with these requirements. Professors here are not afraid to shatter popular myth and will speak the truth rather than what people would rather believe.

That's all I can think of to say. If you have more questions, check out the Admissions page or you can email me.

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February 24, 2000.
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