Dead and Buried: The Graveyard of Worcester's Blackstone Canal  


Union Station

On the left, is a picture of a train, the mode of transportation that replaced the Canal in 1848. This train is exiting the south end of the "tunnel" that runs next to Worcester Medical Center. On the right is the bridge that the train would then go over. As you can see, it is labeled the rail line name, Providence & Worcester Railroad, the company that replaced the Canal. Behind the bridge, is Union Station.

South End of the 'Tunnel' P&W Rail Bridge

Union Station, originally built in 1875, eventually became the new hub of Worcester's transportation and was the second largest train station in New England after Boston's South Station. Much of the original station has been replaced or torn down. Pictured here is the renovated Union Station, with a full view to the immediate right. On the bottom left is the right corner of Union Station, which the old canal runs under. On the right is a rear view of Union Station, approximately where the canal exits from under the building into what is now Harding Street.

Union Station
Right Side of Union Station Back of Union Station

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