Dead and Buried: The Graveyard of Worcester's Blackstone Canal  


Millbury Street

After Harding Street ends near Brosnihan Square, the Canal continues underground beneath I-290.

Aerial View of Middle River Park and Lower Millbury Street.

After flowing under I-290, the Canal follows the path of the Blackstone River for a time through Middle River Park. The Park is situated between Rt.146/Millbury Street and McKeon Road on the eastern edge of the Holy Cross campus. Once it exits the park, the Canal continues to weave around the Blackstone River until the Canal and the river exit Worcester into Millbury.

Photo couresy of MapQuest.

This map shows the Canal as it flows south in relation to the streets that it flows under and near.

Map courtesy of MapQuest.

Map of Lower Millbury Street/Blackstone Canal

The former Rome Building, at the corner of Millbury & Ballard Streets, is slated to become a Visitors' Center within the Blackstone Valley Corridor. At the right is a close up of the building shows two of the several signs posted on the building explaining its future.

Rome Building at the Corner of Millbury and Ballard Streets Rome Building at the Corner of Millbury and Ballard Streets

At the corner of Millbury and Ballard Streets near Vernon Street, one will find this sign marking the Canal path. (Note that the actual date of the first passing was actually 7 October 1828, not the 8th.) On 7 October 1828, the Lady Carrington became the first boat to arrive in Worcester from the Providence tidewater by way of the new Canal.

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