Dead and Buried: The Graveyard of Worcester's Blackstone Canal  

Welcome to Dead and Buried: The Graveyard of Worcester's Blackstone Canal, a web site designed to both be interesting and informative. By publishing this web site, I hope to give the public a tour of the old Blackstone Canal that runs through Worcester, Massachusetts without necessarily having to find a place to park in downtown Worcester. Anybody who knows Worcester knows that this can be a nightmare.

Of course, anyone who knows Worcester also knows that there is no open water in downtown Worcester. "So," you probably ask, "how can there be a canal flowing through Worcester?" The answer is that the Canal is underground, buried over one hundred years ago for a variety of reasons.

By reading the Background Information on the Canal, you will learn why the Canal was built. You will also learn why it died and what led to its eventual burial. Then, by following the tour, you will learn through both words and pictures where, through today's Worcester, the Canal flowed.

I hope you enjoy this web site. It was created under the supervision of Ray Boswell, a National Park Service Ranger with the Blackstone Valley National Heritage Corridor and part-time instructor at Worcester State College.

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