Dead and Buried: The Graveyard of Worcester's Blackstone Canal  


Kelly Square & Lower Harding Street

Kelly Square refers to the intersection of Harding, Green, Water, Millbury, Vernon, and Madison Streets near Exit 13 from I-290. Harding Street continues across the square, south towards Crompton Park.

Below on the left, is a picture of Kelly Square taken from the corner of Harding and Green Streets. It gives a clear view of all the streets coming into the square. On the right is a picture showing lower Harding Street from the north side of Kelly Square where Harding Street comes into the Square.

Kelly Square Kelly Square

This shows Harding Street near its intersection with Lafayette Street.

This is another picture of Harding Street. This one looks back "up" Harding Street to the North. It was taken near the intersection of Endicott Street.

Harding & Endicott Streets

Turning around, one will find herself looking at the intersection of Endicott and Harding Streets. This area, at the northeast corner of Crompton Park, is also known as Kigas Square.

Kigas Square Kigas Square Plaque

Crompton Park is in the area of the city that is known as Green Island or the Island District. Being one of the lowest points in the city, this area was once a swamp and when houses were built, they often had water in their cellars. This section of the Canal was buried primarily to allow it to be turned into a sewer so the Island District could be drained into it.

Crompton Park Crompton Park

This last picture of Harding Street shows it and the Canal drifting off towards Brosnihan Square.

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