Dead and Buried: The Graveyard of Worcester's Blackstone Canal  


Harding Street

Harding Street

Standing at the back Union Station, one will be looking down Harding Street and down the old Canal path. The next few pictures will take you down Harding Street from the Corner of Franklin and Harding Streets (pictured at right) to Kelly Square.

This picture is further down Harding Street near Temple Street.

Harding Street near Temple Street

Temple and Harding Streets

Taken at the corner of Temple and Harding Streets, this picture also shows the sign of the old Patrick Subraru dealership.

St. John's was built to serve the Irish Catholic workers who came to the Worcester area to build the Blackstone Canal. It is on the Green Street end of Temple Street, near the corner of Harding.

St. John's Church

Harding Street, Moving Toward Kelly Square

Starting at the left and moving counterclockwise, this series of pictures takes us down Harding Street starting near Temple Street towards Kelly Square. The street is so straight primarily because it follows the exact path of the old Canal.

Harding Street, Moving Toward Kelly Square Harding Street, Moving Toward Kelly Square

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