Dead and Buried: The Graveyard of Worcester's Blackstone Canal  


Around the Basin Area

These three pictures show the Central Fire Station just to the west of the parking garage on the opposite side of Worcester Center Boulevard. The station is located at the corner of Worcester Center Boulevard and Central Street. Directly to the left, is the station sign. The picture on the lower left is from the same angle, but a broader view. In the background, you can see the corner of the parking garage. Finally, on the bottom right is a picture of the station as you would see it standing near the parking garage.

Central Fire Division -- Station Sign
Central Fire Station -- Broad View Central Fire Station -- View From Garage

Across Central Street from Central Fire Station is the Worcester Centrum Centre. It, along with the Worcester Common Fashion Outlets and Worcester Medical Center, is a major downtown attraction.

Worcester Centrum Centre

Worcester Medical Center

Here are three pictures of the Worcester Medical Center, which is on the west side of Worcester Center Boulevard opposite the Centrum. The picture to the right is a directional sign on the northeast corner of the campus. On the bottom left is a view from across the street next to the Centrum. Lastly, on the bottom right is a picture from directly behind the parking garage. On the left, you can see the end of a bridge and what appears to be a tunnel. You can see more of these on the next page.

Worcester Medical Center Worcester Medical Center

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