Dead and Buried: The Graveyard of Worcester's Blackstone Canal  


Basin Area Overview

The Basin of the Blackstone Canal was between Thomas and Central Streets of early 1800s Worcester. Below is an aerial photo and a map of current Worcester showing how the area looks now. Don't forget to click on the images to get a larger view.

Aerial View of the Blackstone Canal Basin Area

Aerial view of downtown Worcester showing various landmarks.
Just north of the parking garage, on the opposite side of Thomas Street, are a Honey Farms and a Consumer Auto Parts stores. To the west, on the other side of Worcester Center Boulevard, is Central Fire Station. The red denotes the approximate area of the original canal basin as well as the route that the canal took leaving the downtown area.

Photo courtesy of MapQuest.

A map of the basin area and southern Worcester.
Again, this map shows various landmarks. The red highlights the basin area and canal route.

Map courtesy of MapQuest

Map of the Basin Area and Canal in Southern Worcester

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