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  What I Believe...
My Beliefs are simple. Basically, I believe in one thing -- the "Law" of Love. All my beliefs stem from the one basic concept of "Unconditional Love." Now you are probably asking "But what does that mean?" It means Loving each person for whom they are and without prejudice, just as God loves us all. While I admit that I do not always love each person that I encounter unconditionally, I am working hard to achieve that by always trying to remain connected to my Spiritual Energy. By doing so, I connect to God's Love, which allows me to love more openly and freely.

God will never leave us or hate us for going against Him. In fact, it would be impossible because He is a part of us and we are all a part of Him. Furthermore, God does not even judge us. He only knows judgement and hate from us. However, don't get yourself down; God created us so that He could experience these things.

For me, sin is something that does not exist in the traditional sense. God will not punish us for swearing or doing anything else that is traditionally considered a sin. Punishment is another human invention. The only way when we sin is when we do not follow our hearts, when we do not do what we know to be right for our own selves. However, God will not punish us for this, for we have already, in a way, punished ourselves. This is neither good nor bad; it just is.

I also believe that there is no one "true religion." Each religion in the world has its own merits and, usually, its own faults. In my opinion, most religions of the world are all saying much the same thing, but are just using different words. They are teaching the same lessons, but using different plans. All are right; none are wrong.

I prefer to "pick and choose" my beliefs by being open-minded and absorbing little bits of information from multiple sources. I take what works for me and set aside what does not. (I may find that it works later.) I am constantly changing and adapting my belief system to create something that works for me. And even when something does not work for me, I always try to respect those who choose to believe in it. I don't expect you to subscribe to my beliefs, for they are indeed my own, but I ask that you respect them. I felt compelled to share them as part of my teaching and hope that reading about my belief system will help someone on their own Journey.

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February 24, 2000.
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